2014 Remmy Winners

Welcome back guys, if you missed the 2014 Remmy Nominations, check them out here. After waiting on bated breath you can now finally find out which shows and actors will gain the prestige of adding a Remmy trophy to their mantle.

Because I’m evil, I’m going to start from the back end of the “Remmy Original Categories” and build up to the big boys, just like on the real show.

Best Theme Song


The Walking Dead

Parks and Recreation

Game of Thrones


Family Guy

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Winner: Game of Thrones

2nd: The Walking Dead

3rd: Psych

Analysis: A tough battle between “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” here in this category, for best theme song. Both set the tone perfectly for the show and set up what’s to come in the episode. “Game of Thrones” gets the edge however because the episode tends to follow through much better with the tone it sets. “The Walking Dead” theme song is on its own the better song, but anyone who has watched “Game of Thrones” can instantly identify with the entire theme and the credit scene that accompanies it.

Sure, it certainly helps that “Game of Thrones” is an extra 30 seconds or more longer than any of the shows here (thanks to no commercials on HBO) to play with but the song still will get stuck in your head all day and it hits the nail on the head of the mood that George R.R. Martin was setting in his novels, and similarly what the show is going for.

Best Cable Network



Comedy Central





Winner: FX

2nd: HBO

3rd: Comedy Central

Analysis: This one was a two horse race between traditional cable juggernaut, HBO, and the up and coming FX. FX ultimately gets the nod for being able to do just as much if not more with what they had, than HBO was able to do this year.

HBO has a fantastic flag ship show in “Game of Thrones” and an amazing stand out newcomer in “True Detective.” Outside of that however, they don’t have a drama that can round out their programming schedule other than the often slow and dragging “Boardwalk Empire.”

Meanwhile, FX can counter “True Detective” with the equally as good “Fargo.” They don’t have anything that can touch “Game of Thrones” in terms of production value, but “The Americans” was in my opinion a stronger show this season in particular. FX can also back them up with “American Horror Story,” “Justified,” and “Sons of Anarchy” which build a dominant dramatic block.

Comedically, while “Silicon Valley” and “Veep” are great shows, FX/FXX has “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” “Louie” and “Archer” working on their end.

Best Network






The CW

Winner: Fox

2nd: NBC

]: ABC

Analysis: If the first two categories were close, this one was an absolute blowout. In terms of my tastes at least, none of the other major networks can come anywhere close to matching up with what Fox brought this year.

Sure, Fox had it’s fair share of dumb reality shows and awful sitcoms (hey, “Dads”) but they more than made up for it in other departments.

“Sleepy Hollow” was a surprise hit on Monday nights, and it’s lead-in, the cancelled-too-soon “Almost Human” was also an enjoyable ride. Replacing “Sleepy Hollow” late into the season was the triumphant return of the 24 series with “24: Live Another Day” which didn’t miss a beat from its original run.

Comedically, Sunday nights are still watchable especially for the standout “Bob’s Burgers,” while “Family Guy” can still provide the occasional laugh.

They strike it big however on tuesdays with the surprise smash hit “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” leading in to “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project.”

NBC takes the runner-up spot based on the strength alone of “Community” and “Parks and Recreation” in their thursday night block.

Best New Show


Sleepy Hollow

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Leftovers

Almost Human

Silicon Valley

The Strain

Winner: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2nd: Silicon Valley

3rd: Sleepy Hollow

Analysis: Behind a strong ensemble cast, brilliant comedic writing, and an excellent lead performance by Andy Samberg, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was without a doubt the can’t-miss new comedy this season.

From Mellisa Fumero to Andre Braugher to Terry Crews, the rest of the cast fills out perfectly and make this newest concept by Michael Schur, the mind behind “Parks and Recreation” another critical hit.

I’m not sure that any show has more laugh-out-loud moments than “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (at least in terms of traditionally scripted comedies) and that’s pretty amazing to say for a show on its first season. We’ve seen great shows in the past like “Seinfeld” “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” initially struggle to find their footing before taking off, but with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” they have already set the bar extremely high for themselves after their first full season.

“Silicon Valley” the underrated HBO comedy about a tech nerd who creates a potentially billion dollar app is charming and well acted, while “Sleepy Hollow” is all-out bonkers and has crazy twists at every turn.

Best Sketch Comedy Show


Saturday Night Live

Kroll Show

Key and Peele

Inside Amy Schumer

Nathan for You


Winner: Nathan for You

2nd: Key and Peele

3rd: Saturday Night Live

Analysis: Another extremely close contest between two Comedy Central products “Nathan for You” and “Key and Peele.” Honestly, both of them are equally deserving and I thought about splitting this award before just recently deciding to give the razor slim edge to “Nathan for You.”

“Nathan for You”, for those who aren’t familiar stars comedian Nathan Fielder and each episode sees Fielder go to small businesses and present them with some kind of extreme business plan that is implemented with the goal in increasing sales for that business.

If you think the concept is a little underwhelming, I don’t blame you, but I implore you to watch just one episode and tell me if you still feel that way. Fielder is absolutely fearless in social situations, he will say or do anything to get laughs, but not in an over-zealous way.

Fielder is a pro at creating the most hilarious, awkward situations humanly possible and every episode he seems to find a way to push the envelope even further. He plays off his unsuspecting victims, never once missing a beat and a chance to create comedy.

I don’t think anything I said will do the show justice, but please, try it out and if you don’t like it, then we just don’t have the same taste in humor I guess.

“Key and Peele” deserves just as much praise however. The show will draw comparisons to “Chapelle Show” (not that that’s a bad thing) since it takes a look at many racial issues, but lumping Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele into the “black comedian” trope is totally unfair to their comedic abilities.

It’s pretty unusual that you can watch an entire season of a comedy sketch show and only have three or four sketches maximum that don’t make you laugh, but with “Key and Peele”, they manage to pull that off.

WATCH BOTH OF THESE SHOWS is basically what I’m going for here.

Best Animated Show


Family Guy



American Dad

South Park

Bob’s Burgers

Winner: South Park

2nd: Futurama

3rd: Bob’s Burgers

Analysis: Like I mentioned in the Remmy Nominees post, there is no show with better social commentary than “South Park.” Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniuses, brilliantly tying in their crude humor into what is going on in the world of pop culture, sports, and even politics.

Every season of “South Park” brings about some classic episodes, and this season was no different. The “Black Friday/Game of Thrones” trilogy episode ranks up there with South Parks best multi-episode arcs like “Imagionationland” and “Cartoon Wars” but for me the standouts were “Taming Strange” a look into the struggle with technology and Ike going through puberty, and of course the season finale “The Hobbit” which pokes fun at Kimye, but also paints a horrific yet very true picture of society’s view on body image for women.

“Futurama” ended it’s run again with another strong season good enough to finish as runners up, while “Bob’s Burgers” has become the best animated show on Fox, passing both “Family Guy” and the long-over-due-for-cancellation, “The Simpsons.”

Best Late Night Talk Show Program


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The Daily Show with John Stewart

The Colbert Report

Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Winner: The Colbert Report

2nd: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

3rd:  The Daily Show with John Stewart

Analysis: This one was tough to call for me as a thoroughly do enjoy all of these programs and it depends on what mood I’m in on what I will watch.

That being said, I don’t think any show can match the consistency that “The Colbert Report” has shown not only this season, but throughout its run on Comedy Central.

While “The Daily Show” brings a heavier political message, “The Colbert Report” is just consistently more funny. Whether it’s The Word, his interviews, or his hilarious bits (especially the phenomenal “Better Know a District”) you know that if you’re watching a half hour of “The Colbert Report” you’re never going to get bored. It has been a heck of a run for Colbert on Comedy Central, and he (and the writers) hasn’t lost anything at all, even since announcing this season would be his last.

Anyone who questions his move to “The Late Show” and Colbert’s ability to be funny while not in character, I would not fret, something tells me he will manage just fine.

“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” get’s the edge for best traditional late night talk show in my eyes, as he has seamlessly transitioned from 12:30 to 11:30 with bits that are sure to get the internet buzzing the next day. While John Oliver did a great job filling in for John Stewart last summer, since his return, Stewart has stepped his game up as of late on “The Daily Show” earning third place in the Remmy’s.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series


Natasha Lyonne: Orange is the New Black

Kate Mulgrew: Orange is the New Black

Lorraine Touissaint: Orange is the New Black

Aubrey Plaza: Parks and Recreation

Gillian Jacobs: Community

Kaitlin Olson: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Winner: Lorraine Toussaint

2nd: Aubrey Plaza

3rd: Natasha Lyonne

Analysis: To judge the winner here, I had to make a decision of how much I valued actual comedy in a comedic series. After all, Lorraine Toussaint as Vee, the antagonist in the latest season of “Orange is the New Black” wasn’t funny at all. The good news is she wasn’t trying to be, however, as there was nothing funny about Vee’s insertion into the prison this season.

Vee brought about some much needed conflict inside Litchfield, and her presence inside the prison directly affected the story arcs of Red, Poussey, and especially her estranged adopted daughter, Taystee. Toussaint brought about a viscousness that we hadn’t seen before on “Orange is the New Black.” She was manipulative, dangerous, and sometimes just straight up evil. In other words, she was the perfect villain, and on a show with so many quality actresses, Toussaint found a way to stand out from the pack.

Plaza is also deserving of recognition as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation. In a show filled with funny people, Plaza and her on-screen husband Chris Pratt are more often than not the highlights of the show. Lyonne also shined this season on “Orange is the New Black” and could be considered a favorite in the “Guest Actress” category in the real life Emmy’s.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series


Andre Braugher: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charlie Day: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Adam Scott: Parks and Recreation

T.J. Miller: Silicon Valley

Ty Burrell: Modern Family

Winner: Andre Braugher

2nd: Adam Scott

3rd: Charlie Day

Analysis: Perhaps a bit of an upset here as Braugher takes home the win in the supporting actor category over heavy hitters like Ty Burrell and Charlie Day.

Returning to the police force twenty years after he starred in “Homicide: Life on the Street” Andre Braugher showed off his comedic chops big time in the freshman season of the surprising “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Playing Captain Ray Holt, Braugher’s deadpan delivery and excellent comedic timing make him the show’s best character, and he could soon rival Ron Swanson as america’s best cult character.

Braugher and Andy Samberg play off each other very well, as does Mellisa Fumero. Fumero’s characters desperate need for approval from Holt, and Holt’s reluctance to give it to her, make for some of the shows best moments. Perhaps the best thing about Braugher is how he plays a gay character, whose sexuality is important to the plot (it stopped him from being promoted to chief for a number of years) but in no way changes anything about the show, nor is it ever made the focus of an episode.

Adam Scott was huge this season as the yang to Amy Poehler’s yin in the latest season of “Parks and Recreation.” Now that Lilly and Marshall have retired to being off-air, it’s not hard to label Ben and Leslie as the best sitcom couple out there. While Charlie Day’s real-life career seems to be taking off, his character Charlie Kelly on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is just as clueless as ever this past season, making for more classic Charlie moments.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


Lena Headey: Game of Thrones

Massie Williams: Game of Thrones

Danai Gurira: The Walking Dead

Holly Taylor: The Americans

Michelle Monaghan: True Detective

Abigail Spencer: Rectify

Winner: Abigail Spencer

2nd: Lena Headey

3rd: Danai Gurira

Analysis: “Game of Thrones” fans may be shocked to see anyone but Lena Headey win here, after her brilliant performance as the icy Cersei Lannister this past season, but I’m guessing most of you aren’t watching the little known “Rectify” on the Sundance Channel.

As the sister to former death row inmate Daniel Holden, Abigail Spencer’s Amantha is dealing with a myriad of emotions this season on “Rectify” and she has perhaps even eclipsed her performance from the inaugural season. Amantha is tasked with watching her brother go in and out of a coma after he receives a near-death beating, then watches him refuse to rat out those who attacked him. She also toys with her impending need to move back to Atlanta and be with her “Innocence Project” boyfriend, or to stay in her hometown to watch Daniel, and aid her mother as he regains acclamation with society.

With “Rectify” being a character driven drama, as opposed to a plot-driven one, Spencer has plenty of opportunities to show off her acting chops, and she does so big time this season. Who knows how long “Rectify” will last, but hopefully both Spencer and Aiden Young will be recognized by the Emmy voters next season.

Spencer’s performance doesn’t take anything away from Headey on “Game of Thrones” this season. She is the most complex character on the show, but Headey manages to wear many hats whether it be icy villain, loving sister, protective mother, or vindictive queen.

Danai Gurira also was a standout from the latest season of “The Walking Dead” as her character, Michonne, finally got the chance to do something other than kill zombies and feud with The Governor.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad

Dean Norris: Breaking Bad

Norman Reedus: The Walking Dead

Charles Dance: Game of Thrones

Peter Dinklage: Game of Thrones

Billy Bob Thornton: Fargo

Winner: Peter Dinklage

2nd: Billy Bob Thornton

3rd: Dean Norris

Analysis: This was ridiculously tough to call. Sans Norman Reedus, I could legitimately make a case for all of the other nominees here. Aaron Paul has won this award multiple times, and he isn’t even in my top three, to show you how good these guys are.

Ultimately, it came down to Dinklage vs. Thornton but Dinklage just gets the edge. I made the point in the Remmy nominees blog that Dinklage plays off of Charles Dance a lot and it doesn’t make sense for one to be nominated without the other. This is totally true, and Dance is well deserving of a nomination and even deserves to be considered for the win.

At the end of the day however, Dinklage shines supreme. Dinklage has always been the best actor on “Game of Thrones” but this season he got to show off more than ever before. The three big Tyrion Lannister moments from this season that lock up his Remmy win are: 1). The scene right before that big thing happens in the episode of Joffery’s wedding. 2.) The famous Tyrion court scene where he just goes all ape shit on everyone in King’s Landing 3). The final episode of the season and his encounter with his father.

I tried not to give too many spoilers there, but those of you who watched the latest season will know exactly what I’m talking about and exactly why Peter Dinklage is deserving of all the credit he gets.

That’s not to say Billy Bob Thornton isn’t however, and I think he is a lock for the win in the Supporting Actor in a Miniseries categories in the real Emmy’s. With “Fargo” being only a season log arc, they were able to pull in A-list stars like Thornton, and he did not disappoint in his pit stop on television.

Thornton’s portrayal of Lorne Malvo is maybe the best portrayal of a TV villain this side of Walter White. Unlike White however, Malvo is crazy from the start of this thing and you can just see how much fun Thornton is having playing the sadistic, calculated Malvo. Without giving any spoilers here, there are some Lorne Malvo kills that have got to rank among the most gruesome (but also EPIC) in television history.

Dean Norris finally got his chance to shine as well this season on “Breaking Bad” as Hank finally *SPOILER ALERT* found out about his brothers secret life. Watching Hank transform from the happy go lucky brother in-law to the badass DEA agent that will straight kill you was extremely fun to watch.

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series


Zooey Deschannel: New Girl

Cobie Smulders: How I Met Your Mother

Taylor Schilling: Orange is the New Black

Amy Poehler: Parks and Recreation

Melissa Fumero: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project

Winner: Amy Poehler

2nd: Taylor Schliing

3rd: Zooey Deschannel

Analysis: “Parks and Recreation” will be ending its run next season with SPOILER ALERT a three year time jump, that will cut to after Leslie’s children have already been born. This may end up doing wonders for the show but it deprived us from some fantastic Leslie being pregnant moments, all of which would certainly have been hilarious due to Amy Poehler’s talents.

Despite all of the great cast around her, P&R wouldn’t work without Poehler’s charm, and comedic timing. Leslie Knope went through a lot as a character over the past year. She became pregnant, got voted out of office, and saw her best friend move away. The best thing about Amy Poehler’s portrayal of Leslie Knope is that not only was she funny during these moments, but she brought the emotion out when the time was right. Simply put, she is running circles around any comedic lead on network TV right now.

Schilling was a dark horse here, and I think she deserves to be mentioned in the conversation. Piper was almost universally hated during season one of “Orange is the New Black.” This season however, not only did Piper grow as a character, but I believe that Schilling improved as an actress as well. Zooey Deschannel was good not great in this season of “New Girl” but that’s enough to get her in the top three of what turned out to be a very weak category.

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series


James Roday: Psych

Louis C.K.: Louie

Joel McHale: Community

Danny McBride: Eastbound and Down

Glenn Howerton: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Andy Samberg: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Winner: Louis C.K.

2nd: Andy Samberg

3rd: Joel McHale

Analysis: It can be argued that “Louie” wasn’t all that funny this season. There was significantly less Louis C.K. stand-up, the episodes were darker, heavier, and to be frank not filled with too many jokes.

Still, like Lorraine Toussaint, you can’t hold it against C.K. that he wasn’t all that “funny” this season, because he was much more than that. This season of “Louie” was at times tough to watch, but there is no denying it was extremely well written, well acted, and well produced television.

There was social commentary, heartbreak, natural disasters, parenting struggles, and a flashback episode to trump all flashback episodes. Louis C.K. deserves this award because he stepped out of his comfort zone in this season and didn’t take the easy way out. It’s one thing to be a great stand-up comedian, but Louis C.K. proved this season he is also a great writer, and brilliant actor.

While perhaps not matching C.K.’s depth, Andy Samberg was brilliantly funny on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in its freshman season, and removed any doubts that he was only funny in Lonely Island sketches. McHale continued to be a standout performer on “Community” playing the perfect straight guy character to all the zany characters that surround him in Greendale.

Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series


Robin Wright: House of Cards

Sarah Paulson: American Horror Story: Coven

Anna Gunn: Breaking Bad

Allison Tolman: Fargo

Mariska Hargitay: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Kerri Russell: The Americans

Winner: Keri Russell

2nd: Allison Tolman

3rd: Anna Gunn

Analysis: The absolute best part of the criminally underrated “The Americans” is the performances of the two leads Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. The plot is intriguing, the spy missions are intense, and the supporting characters have their moments, but this show simply wouldn’t work if there weren’t two amazing actors in the lead roles.

After “Felicity” Russell showed up here and there over the last ten years, but she is making her comeback in a major way on “The Americans.” As Elizabeth Jennings, a KGB agent forced to try to adapt to north american lifestyle while still feeding information to the Russians, Russell is mesmerizing. She is less sympathetic to the Americans than her husband, but both of them had to face some extremely tough decisions in the past season. She also has problems with her marriage to Rhys’s character, and difficulty dealing with her daughter on top of all the spy business. She was given a lot to work with, but she absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Allison Tolman was a close runner-up here, due to her breakout role in “Fargo” as Detective Molly Solverson. In a show with two huge villains, Tolman was the shows moral core and she proved she is on par with heavyweights like Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton.

Meanwhile Anna Gunn was continuously dynamic as Walter White’s wife Skyler in the show’s final season. There hasn’t been a character more polarizing than Skyler in recent memory, but you can’t take anything away from Gunn’s performance.

Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series


Martin Freeman: Fargo

Aden Young: Rectify

Matthew McCoughnahey: True Detective

Kevin Spacey: House of Cards

Bryan Cranston: Breaking Bad

Matthew Rhys: The Americans

Winner: Bryan Cranston

2nd: Matthew McCoughnahey

3rd: Kevin Spacey

Analysis: There really isn’t any justifiable way to separate Bryan Cranston from Matthew McCoughnahey in this category. I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them won in the Emmy’s, and there isn’t really any bad argument either way. If there was any place to do co-winners, it would be here.

Nevertheless, I’m here to make the tough calls, and at the end of the day, I simply couldn’t deny Cranston a win in his final effort as the iconic Walter White on “Breaking Bad.” In my humble opinion, “Breaking Bad” is the greatest television show in history, and while Vince Gilligan deserves much of the credit for that, Cranston deserves just as much.

Speaking just in terms of the final half of the final season here, there were many many amazing Walter White moments that continue the legacy of Cranston in that role. Every episode of the last run was a classic, and we learned more about Walter’s psyche then perhaps in any other season.

McCoughnahey on the other hand will never in my eyes be anything other than Rust Cohle. For an actor that has been around in a high profile capacity for twenty years, that’s how iconic this character was. In just an eight episode run, McCoughnahey removed any doubt that he didn’t have the acting chops to match any one in the world. There were so many layers to the Rust Cohle character, I only can imagine how good he would have been over the course of four or five seasons.

“True Detective” would have been a good show no matter who the leads were, but having McCoughnahey along with Woody Harrelson, turned it into a great show.

In may other years, Kevin Spacey would have been an easy pick for best actor. He gets lost in the shuffle behind Cranston and McCoughnahey, but Frank Underwood was even more sadistic, conniving, and fun to watch this season than he was in the inaugural season of “House of Cards.”

Best Comedy Series


Parks and Recreation



It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Silicon Valley

Winner: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

2nd: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

3rd: Louie

Analysis: It’s difficult to find shows that actually get better as they go along. For shows fortunate to last nine seasons, almost all of them are on their last legs, are at least struggling to match the value of their glory days.

That’s not the case with the consistent “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” In fact, after a noticeable dip in seasons six and seven, Always Sunny has not only gotten better in the last two seasons, but they’ve been the best in the shows nearly ten year run.

This season brought about the usual hijinks that you have come to expect from the Paddy’s Pub but while season eight was largely based on follow-up episodes to stroylines from earlier seasons, season nine brings about entirely new material, and just crushes it.

“The Gang Breaks Dee” “The Gang Desperately Tries to Win an Award” and “Flowers for Charlie” are just brilliant, comedic television that I would rank in the shows best 10-15 episodes. For a show that many thought was dead in the water just two years ago, that is a huge accomplishment. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the best comedic show on TV not only because the writing and acting is genius, but because they are willing (and able) to go places that other shows won’t, and they do so with flawless execution.

I’ve already spoken extensively about the great first season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” so I won’t go into to much more here, other than saying that I have high hopes that this will become my favorite show by the end of next season.

“Louie” was hard to judge against all of these other shows because it was hardly funny this season, but it was still poignant and thought-provoking. It was must-watch television.

Best Drama Series



True Detective

The Americans


Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad

Winner: Breaking Bad

2nd: Fargo

3rd: True Detective

Analysis: There was a lot of great TV shows this year, especially in this category. All six of these shows I would consider “great” and that’s not even included shows like “House of Cards” and “Arrow” which I didn’t have room to nominate. This is a great time to be a TV nerd guys.

That being said, nothing is in the same stratosphere as “Breaking Bad.” Every episode is not just a TV episode, it was an event. It was a show where you gather a dozen people in a room to watch it and yet no one said a word. It was a show that would actually literally have you on the edge of your seat. It was a show where every single line of dialogue, every single camera shot, every single color of clothing was meticulously thought out by the writers. It was a show where you thought you knew what was coming, but you never really did.

“Breaking Bad” is the best show ever, for me at least, and the final season didn’t disappoint my already enormous expectations. I’m not sure if a show will be able to grip me again like “Breaking Bad” did, but if it does I can’t wait to see it.

“Fargo” was always a bridesmaid, never a bride here at the Remmy’s, with three runner-up finishes. Still, for a miniseries that started in April on FX, loosely based on a Cohen brothers movie from 15 years ago, one wouldn’t really expect that kind of quality. As much as I love “True Detective” (and I loved “True Detective”) “Fargo” was a better show because it didn’t take itself so seriously, yet was equally if not more violent and sadistic but never in a campy way. We all will remember Rust Cohle, but if you watched “Fargo” I’m sure you’ll remember Lorne Malvo just as much.

So there you have it, the completion of the 2014 Remmy’s. Here is a full list of winners for those of you too lazy to read the analysis.

Best Theme Song: Game of Thrones

Best Cable Network: FX

Best Network: Fox

Best New Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Sketch Comedy Show: Nathan For You

Best Animated Show: South Park

Best Late Night Talk Show Program: The Colbert Report

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Lorraine Toussaint: Orange is the New Black

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Andre Braugher: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Abigail Spencer: Rectify

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage: Game of Thrones

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Amy Poehler: Parks and Recreation

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Louis C.K.: Louie

Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Kerri Russell: The Americans

Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Bryan Cranston: Breaking Bad

Best Comedy Series: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Best Drama Series: Breaking Bad


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